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SOSS Mission Statement

Our priority as Catholic home schooling parents is to evangelize and educate our children in the virtues of the Catholic faith. In order to fulfill our vocation as “primary educators of our children,” we must immerse them in Catholic culture through the sacraments, our example, prayer, and activities without compromising our Catholic identity.

We, the members of the Saint Scholastica Catholic Home School Group, adopt policies (stated in the Policies and Mission Statement), effective August 15, 2002, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that we, Catholic home school families, may have the spiritual, academic, and practical support from each other as we endeavor to educate our children. We desire that our children have other Catholic home school children with whom to socialize so they mutually strengthen their Catholic faith and values.

SOSS Activities

Members of the Society of Saint Scholastica, Catholic Homeschool Group, volunteer to coordinate varied activities and events throughout the year. Each member is required volunteer to help organize one event or activity per year. However, first year members are not required to do so in order so they may first get acclimated and meet people in the group.

'Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.'

Corrie Ten Boom


SOSS was founded in 1985 by a like-minded group of Catholic homeschooling moms from Lake and McHenry Counties. Before that, however, we went to one homeschool meeting at The Willows Academy in Niles. In addition to driving over an hour, we found ourselves wanting more time to talk among ourselves. This was difficult in that setting because the Willows group had a speaker leaving little time for personal interaction, so we decided after that first meeting that there were enough of us to start our own group.

There were probably 10 moms who met together for the first meeting. We continued to meet monthly and for awhile all of us planned every event we sponsored. As more families joined our group our events reflected the interests of the families. We grew within a year or two to a point where we could divvy up the work load and committees were born.

We’ve had our share of bumps along the way, but tried always to be open to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit to provide our families with a Catholic culture and a vibrant spiritual life. When we were really stumped by a significant bump we counseled with holy priests who gave us direction. Our first graduation was at a park with picnic tables and a cake for the graduates. Our second graduation, in 1992, was at Marytown with Mass celebrated by the Taylor family’s uncle followed by a reception.

Our hope in founding SOSS (which didn’t even have a name for quite a few years) is that it would answer the needs for help and camaraderie for any Catholic homeschooling family who wanted to join us in our quest to raise our children to be holy Catholic men and women in our society today.

C. Klocek, A Founding Member

Dear Sisters in Homeschooling,

My son, Paul, is going off to college. He has been in our little St Scholastica Catholic Homeschool group since he was three years old and now he is almost twenty. I want to thank you all for doing what you do and doing it so well. Because of you all, my son had the great privilege of growing up in a thoroughly Catholic culture. You all gave him an advantage that I didn’t have growing up and that I couldn’t give him by myself. I never could have even dreamt of such a thing as Society of Saint Scholastica Catholic Homeschool Group being here for me and my family during the adventures of motherhood. And all of this you do voluntarily. So many of you have impacted me so much I wouldn't be able to list it all.

In our lovely group Paul was able to see wonderful people living the Gospel, like it was normal. His values were affirmed and shared by his peers. And due to the variety and creativity of you fellow moms, he was able see that fun and holiness are not mutually exclusive. That it is expected that they be integrated.

He also got to learn how to navigate some difficult relationships as well, in a safe environment, preparing him for a well formed exit from the nest.

This is a turning point in our family, our oldest son going off after, yet again, burying our youngest baby. The roller coaster of life moves forward but I have my little Catholic bubble full of loving, caring moms and their children who have inspired me and my children and supported us through it all and I fully expect will do so for the next 16 years or so until my youngest has graduated.

Thank you,

Magdalena Hudson

I've been a member of the Saint Scholastica Homeschool Group for over 20 years and have found the families to be friendly and helpful. My children and I have developed many great relationships and have taken part in varied academic, faith centered and fun activities. Saint Scholastica is an active and supportive homeschooling community!

K. Piper

The vocation of homeschooling has been a blessing not just for me personally, but for my family both as a whole and individually. It is in the mundane that relationships flourish and the deepest thoughts are brought to light and discussed. It is in the quiet moments of individual thought, that the child has an opportunity to express and raise questions to you, their parent. I have reflected often how blessed I have been that these moments of deep thought and penetrating questions have been addressed to me, their parent, instead of someone outside the home, that may have a different perspective on life. One that may be quite different from how we have tried to raise our children. Our relationships with each other have been forged by the daily work that we undertake together, whether it is in the environment of scholastics, the silliness of play or the roles of parent and child.

While spending so much time together, you learn to understand and appreciate the different aspects of all the personalities of your children and in the process, you also grow in compassion and strength. At the same time, you begin to rely more on God's grace to guide you in your role as educator and mother and this gets you through those days that are more difficult than others.

As in many areas of life, we need support and encouragement. The Society of Saint Scholastica (SOSS) has been that and much more. Not only have a I developed lifelong friendships, but also my children have lifelong friendships. I have been edified many times over the years by the women in the group, but also by the children. How lovely it has been to see my children and others, so happily wanting to pick flowers for Jesus or Mary and sing to them. To know the joys of being in a procession and unabashedly happy about their faith. To have your children in a group where being Catholic, pro-life, going to Mass every Sunday, and seeing many people, including teens and children, in confessional lines is the norm! How great is that!

What a blessing the Dear Lord has given us. Let us always be thankful for His great mercy and love! May I recommend that you ask the Dear Lord if your family is called to homeschool and should the answer be yes - Rejoice! The blessings will outweigh the sacrifices you make one hundredfold. Remember, if the Lord is asking this of you, He will assuredly give you the grace to achieve the task He has set before you!

Jeanne Luminiello

'Don’t worry about socialization. Wherever people congregate, there is going to be interaction, socialization.” Where is it written that it needs to be in schools? '

Mary Kay Clark

Tina Rice

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